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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Hey! MakFly goes International!

I was very ecstatic to be featured as the Featured Chef in www.katchef.com

It is one of the best moment thou!

View it with LOVE!


Nura the Mak-Fly

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Weekend Random Entry

I am so happy today!!! Firstly, I cook Mee Rebus, it is one traditional dish that is difficult to figure out the ingredients, there are so many versions of it. Some would dd anchovies, some would add dried shrimp, some use shrimp paste. So many version and seriously none of these nail my taste bud. All I want is a simple, gewy gravy like how (Mak Yam) auntie Canteen in my old school sell. The taste, is still fresh in my mind.

Secondly, I manage to take a good shot of my Mee Rebus using natural light, and seriously this time I nail it and ecstatic about it!

I know the photo is kinda blur, because I shoot it from the camera screen. Ahahahahaha I want to keep the suspense. So enjoy figuring out!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The Mak-Fly Lontong Goreng (Fried Rice-Cake)

15 stalks of Dried Chilli (soak with hot water before put to grind)
1 Large Onion
2 small pieces of Garlic
Small bit of Shrimp Paste ( Belacan)
All the above must be grinded.

A Handful of Minced Meat.
5 Tablespoon of ABC Soya Sauce (Kicap Pekat Manis)
3 Large Eggs
Few sprigs of Spring Onion and Chinese Celery. (chopped)
Handful of Fried Onions.

Normally we would use the leftover rice-cake for making lontong goreng due to the hardness and also the taste that preserved for 1 or 2 days.
If you can't find any leftover rice-cake, you can also buy the instant Rice cake called ADABI, which requires you to boil it first and toss it for at least a day or 2.

1. Cut the rice cake at your preference size.
2. Heat the Wok with 3 Tablespoon of Oil (Vegetable or peanut oil)
3. Stir the Grinded ingredients, and cook for 15 minutes with a low heat.
4. Once the paste cooked. Add in the Minced Meat. Stir and mix it well, cook it for about 5 minutes.
5. Add in the Soya Sauce (about 2 Table spoons first)
6. Add in salt (at your preference) maybe a sprinkle will do.
7. Add in the eggs and spread it well.
8. Lastly, add in the rice cake and the remaining soya sauce. Mix it well. Cook for about 3 minutes and


Tiger Prawn with Bird Eye Chillies and Coconut Milk


Item A:
1 Large Onion
1 Clove Garlic
8 Red Chillies
10 Bird-Eye Chillies (Green prefferbarly)
2 cm of Ginger
1 tablespoon of Tamarind Powder

Item B:
500ml of Coconut Milk
250ml of Water
1 Pounded Lemongrass
2 sprigs of Kaffir Lime

Item C:
1 Can of Del Monte Pineapple (is in a round shape, so please cut into halves)
750grm of Tiger Prawns.


1. Mortar Item A into a paste.
2. Heat the skillet or a pot, add in Item B and also Item A that has been mortarred. Mix it well and let it simmer for 15-20mins.
3. Add in Item C and let it simmer for another 5-10mins.
4. Seasoned to Salt
5. Voila!

Cook Book Photoshoot

I was very ambitious few weeks ago. I wanted to shoot several dish using my new toys, and guess what?! I fell sick! I was down with cold and cough that until today have yet to be recovered.

I've been laid back, chillax, eating and browsing through some magazines for an Idea for food shoot for my cookbook. It is not simple as i thought it would be. You need time to digest, to style the food and lastly the props! Without good props, food photos will not be as outstanding as it should be. I hope I get the mood to shoot several food shots today. I've been idling to long to produce photos for my cook book! *oh well.....*

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Sri Lankan Pepper Chicken

And this was the main dish that I cook for the Demo that I had yesterday, the response was good and positive! Here goes:

Sri Lankan Pepper Chicken


Item A: (To peeled and finely chopped, preferably into dice, please exclude the Curry leaves)

2 Large White Onions (some say Bombay /Holland Onions)
4 cloves of Garlic
2.5cm knob of Ginger.
1 Strand of Curry leaves.

Item B: (To be cut into wedges)
2 Large Tomatoes
2 Large Potatoes

Item C: (To be fried until golden brown, and put aside)
8 Pieces of Chicken parts/Chicken Meat.
2 Large Potatoes that been cut into wedges above.

Item D:
250ml of Yogurt
3 Tablespoom of Tomato sauce.

Item E: (Dry Spices)
1 Tablespoon of Black Peppercorn or Ground Pepper.
1 Teaspoon of Chilli Powder
1 Teaspoon of Ground Turmeric
1 Teaspoon of Ground Cumin
1/2 Teaspoon of Ground Cloves.

1. Heat the Pan with 4 Tablespoon of Oil (any kind of oil you want to use, as for me I'm using Olive Oil).
2. Add in Item A and fry over low heat until aromatic and garlic is golden.
3. Add Item E and stir for about 1 minute, then add in Item D. Cook, stirring constantly, until slightly thickened. Stir in a little water, if mixture is too thick and sticks on the pan. And seasoned to salt.
4. Add in Item C and stir until they are well-coated with pan ingredients before adding the Tomatoes and Cashew Nuts! Stir for 1-2 minutes more, then dish out and serve.


Saturday, 11 February 2012

Cooking Demo

Hi all!

It's been awhile! I know....
I've been sick with this viral cough and cold. It's been weeks and I'm not fully recovered yet.

Just an update; I am very happy as I just finish with a cooking demo over at Hong Kah North CC. Although, it's a small event, I'm glad to be given the opportunity to demonstrate the way I cook, the way I interact with others and also the quality of my food.

I thanked them that came over to support and also those that gave comments on my Facebook wall.

I love ya all!

I will post some photos and recipe soo !

Keep yourself update peeps!